Daddy Issues

We spent the past weekend in Whitstable in Kent.  To picture Kent, imagine if the Jersey Shore had babies with the Hamptons, then sent them off to a British boarding school.  It was full of run-down shabby beach shacks and castles and art galleries and really overpriced boutiques selling necklaces made of safety pins?  I don’t know, there’s a lot about this country that confuses me.

We planned the trip to top off Shane’s parents’ last visit to the UK before their Axis of Evil tour kicked off on Monday.  Virtually the only way for Shane to get out of work mode is for us to get out of London, so off to Whitstable it was!  We had an incredibly fabulous time, beginning with a trip to a fried fish shack on the beach that also served fried doughnuts (donuts? is the “ugh” pretentious?).


Knock-kneed much, there, Pops?

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