Oy Vey

William’s school is very big on teaching the children about the various religions of the world. And by various, I mean “Christianity and Judaism, only. Period.”  They celebrated Rosh Hashanah with apples and honey, and discussed the concept of fasting on Yom Kippur (though they still fed them).  I guess William didn’t really realize that people were different religions before, or perhaps they are teaching about Judaism in a way that has really fascinated him, but we now talk about being “Jewiss” a lot.  At first, William thought we were Jewish, then he thought perhaps just Penelope was.  I explained that we are technically Lutheran, but don’t really go to church (plus Daddy claims they aren’t Lutheran, even though they were both baptized in the Lutheran Church, but that’s a whole other can of worms).

Now, William is convinced that we are the only people who aren’t Jewish in the entire country of England.  This was particularly lovely to discover in the ice cream aisle of Budgens, the local grocery store.  William asked for some pudding-looking thing that actually had random meat bits and other weird shit in it.  I told him no, and explained that it wasn’t the kind of pudding he thought it was, and he interrupted me with “I know, I know, it’s made with weird ingredients because it’s for Jewish people”.  !!!!.  Let me repeat that: !!!!!!!.  Not only was he being incorrectly culturally insensitive, he was doing it in a way that sounded like he hears that from me all the time, gahhh, mom, I get it.

I took our time in line to explain to him that food here is weird NOT because it’s Jewish, but because it’s British, thereby offending everyone in line with us instead of limiting our offense to the one woman who had shot me a horrified look after the initial outburst.

If only it had been a blue & white ice cream cone, this would have been such an appropriate picture for this post.

If only it had been a blue & white ice cream cone, this would have been such an appropriate picture for this post.





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