Uphill Both Ways, And Occasionally Topless

I swear to GOD London is the hilliest $#%#@%ing city in the entire world.  No matter what way I try to take the children to school, there are hills the entire GD way.  Seriously.  And Will also insists on “riding” his scooter.  That’s in quotes, b/c it’s really more like pushing/dragging/slowly meandering with his scooter.  I’m sure we’ll get there soon in terms of efficiency, but right now it’s a challenge. Not as much of a challenge as the hour long, two-bus-two-train-two-escalators-one-set-of-stairs-one-elevator-culminating-in-a-large-hill commute I was dealing with as recently as last week, but I’ve already lost all perspective and am now fully annoyed at THIS situation.

"Riding" the Scooter

Oh, and yesterday I realized halfway home from pick-up that my entire bra + boobs had been hanging out of my accidentally unzipped blouse.  So that happened.


“Gah, MOOOOM, Can’t You NOT Be So Lame?” says the face on the girl who still craps her pants


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