Today I Make SO Much Friends

Poppy quickly got over her fear of school, and every day since Sept 9th she has (constantly)(repeatedly)(without any sign of stopping) told me “Today I make SOOOO much friends!”  She loves all of the kids in her class, and reenacts their day with her dolls as soon as she gets home.  I can usually catch at least a few minutes before she notices me watching and has to immediately throw herself on the floor and start whining for me to do something unintelligible for her.  In those few minutes I learn a lot about her classmates.  So far Zoe the doll is “soo nice.  Zoe so nice to Poppy.  Zoe and Poppy nap together.”  Only outlier is some Charlie character, who apparently pushes kids down a lot.  Not to worry, Poppy does not put up with Charlie the doll’s shit.

I, too, have made so much friends, finally.  We’ve got West Village Allison, whom I adore (thanks Jen).  She’s been free with the info, and has already hosted us at her lovely home and had us to her son’s birthday.


Breakdancing at Ryan’s Bowling Party


New Friends

We also have a favorite couple friend (Princeton Allison), two American moms I’ve met at the school (including one from Tribeca, whose daughter’s bday party we were at in the photo below) and a blind couple date set up in .  So much friends, indeed!

Poppy Living It Up at a Bday Party


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