We had to wait behind a velvet rope to get the kids uniforms.  It was very chic.

Know what isn’t chic?  Poppy’s uniform.  I really should have factored that into our school decision.  Also, Will looks like the last scene in “Big” in most of his clothes.   But the good news is that everything was really expensive.  Nothing I love more than spending a ton of cash on ill-fitting clothes!


The Only Smile I Saw That Entire Trip


“No. Too Much Rain. I Stay Here….I Stay Here.” (if you can guess that quote I kiss your face from UK)

After that, we fed the ducks.  You’ll be pleased to know that ducks in London do not appear to be any classier than ducks in NY.


“Ducks Bite My Head!!” (FYI, they did not in fact bite her. But she insists that all animals bite her on the head, and says it very convincingly. Do not be fooled)

Their owls, however, kick the shit out of our owls:


So Gentle.


Sooooo Gentle (but less so, this time)


“Can You Believe I Have a Motherloving Owl on My Motherlovin’ Arm? Get a Load of This!” is what this face says to me.

No, Will has not gotten into falconry.  We just went to a local festival/streetfair thing where an owl conservatory had a slew of birds chained up in a yard, that you could hold for a $2 donation.  The birds looked miserable, as did the two mangy dogs they were with, but my kids had a blast and that’s ALL that matters!

As a side note, virtually all tattoos I’ve seen here look like prison tats.  Seriously normal people walking around with homemade ink all over their forearms, ankles and necks.  Bizarre.


This Guy Was Like an Owl Steve Irwin, with More Prison Tats and Less Stingray Barbs


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