The Quick Hello

After a relatively painless flight, there we were in London.  We had to wait a long, long, long, painfully long time for Lucy to get cleared.  She does look like the kind of shifty character that would try to smuggle balloons of heroin in her rectum, so I guess it was justified.

Nothing To See Here..

We arrived at our new temporary home in the middle of a grey, cold, rainy day.  It wasn’t quite the grand palace depicted on the website:

Replace That Friendly Face With a Surly Eastern European Fellow Who Withholds Dishwasher Cubes at His Whim and You’re a Bit Closer to Reality

But it will do.

We walked around Islington and found a pub we thought was from the 1700s but which I recently discovered was opened in 2005.

We also discovered a canal in the middle of the town, which was a nice little surprise.

Surprise! Here’s a Canal.

Then we spent a week being tourists. Each event deserves it’s own little post, but here are some highlights:

Poppy Celebrating Her Ability to Make a Hitler Mustache Using Mommy’s Mascara

Bumper Cars. (FYI, they had already stopped. We may be lax parents, but we aren’t that bad).


Bouncy Castle!

Mother Daughter Selfies

Hiding From the Paps. So Aggressive Out Here.

What, Isn’t This How Everyone Waits for the Bus? No?

Random Building on the Thames.


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