The Long Goodbye

As soon as we found out we were moving, the first thing I did was plan our going away parties.  Since I had very different visions for what the kids would need in a going away party (balloons, cupcakes, bubbles) and what we would want (tequila), I decided to separate them.

We had the kids party first.  Attendance was looking a little dicey in the beginning.

Ever the Worrier, Will Was Concerned That It Was a HUGE Mistake To Throw This At Key Park & Not At Main Beach in the Hamptons

Poppy Cheerfully Reminded Her Brother That, In Addition to Wearing Black, NY Babies Are Always Fashionably Late.

But in the end, despite the fact that it was a Saturday in the middle of August, it was a day full of friends and fun, including guests who traveled in from at least two different states (thanks to the Pennsylvania Jack+Matty and the Connecticut Elizabeth+Grace).

Part of the Gang, Plus Some Kid Who Crashed the Party

Hanging Out With His B’s

Will is Annoyed, Elizabeth May Be Plotting Something, Jack Is So Happy Even Though The Party-Crasher Kid is About To Jump on His Head While Caleb Watches

“You can take this party, and you can go %#$%#$ yourself.” – Matty

Alriiighhtt…I am Confused….But I Will Sloooowllly Eat This Cupcake….

Love, Love, Love These Little Faces

“Yeah, You Guys Still Need to Get the #%$#$% Out Of My Face.” – Matty, again.

Two Happy, LOVED Children

We continued the party for hours afterwards at our apartment.

The Manically Over-Wired Faces of Two Boys Whose Parents Have Left Them to a Lunch of Juice, Candy and Tortilla Chips So They Can Drink Adult Beverages

The next weekend was our official adult party.  We kicked the weekend off with one last family playdate with our favorite key park friends.  It was just as wonderful as always, with way too many bottles of wine and many overtired children at the end.  As an added bonus, Uncle Chase was in town so he got to see how awesome it is to have kids.


The next day was the big day: our going away party.  I picked the super trendy establishment (not really).  It was weird, but it was the perfect venue for drinking with our best friends, visiting from at least 4 different states just for the occasion (love Balty Lindsay, the Pennsylvania Byrnesteins, Uncle Dan from Vegas, our Massachusetts brother, Aunt B from CT, and I’m sure I’m missing a million people), as well as a couple fresh off their honeymoon (thanks, Abramsons!), two couple about to have a baby (thanks, S+S!  You can tell the Rachel+Jon they totally blew it by using “labor” as an excuse to skip; and to Brave Sir Boner & her husband, we will have to take baby ScarBo to this bar when she is a bit older), and a lady in the midst of a life marathon including new business school, full time job and real-marathon training (love you, Aunty V). We also ended the night at a super chic velvet rope joint, courtesy of Patrick, the coolest guy I know.  If we were the type of people to compare our social lives with those of our children, and to do so in a competitive manner, we might tell Penelope & William to totally suck it.

Wool Hoop.

You Totally Can’t Tell the 21 Year Olds From the 30-Somethings in This, Can You? CAN YOU?

Selfie! Look Just As Awesome As When We Took This Same Exact Picture 12 Years Ago.

S & Uncle Dan Make a Byrne Sandwich.

I SWEAR Chase Had Fun Visiting Us Even If This Doesn’t Look Like It

I Have It On Good Authority That We Are NOT, In Fact, Doing The Bunny Hop. We Are Twerking, Thank You Very Much.

Wow, What a Lovely Picture of 3/4 Of Us.

Then It Got Weird.

Selfie Taken Right After We Were Hit On By Two 20ish Boys.

After that we had a series of goodbye dinners, and drinks, and drop-ins; basically a wonderful outpouring of love from everyone we care about that made us really question why the hell we were leaving.  Unfortunately, I am missing photographic evidence of our last ladies dinner (imagine the kitchen table from Golden Girls dropped in the middle of Brother Jimmy’s) and our epic Mexican feast with 1/3 of the Ginsbergs, but you can imagine (not to mention the epic steak feast, and epic burger feast, spearheaded by Ginsbergs prior to that).


Sweet Meredith! Never Would Have Guessed That a Mere 9 Years After Over-Serving You, You Would Be Such a Lovely Part of Our NY Life!


Last Visit with Dr Wu & Our Pals at LaGuardia Place Pediatrics


Last Trip to North Moore Water Park

Last Central Park Zoo Trip. Knute the Bear Was So Devastated to See Us Go That He Up and Died the Next Week. Sorry, NY.


With Aunt Laura, In Coordinating Outfits

We Only Discovered AFTER The Photo That Poppy Had Peed On Uncle Thomas’s shoulder. I’m Sure There’s a Joke In There About Golden Showers, But I’m Not a Pervert.

But in the end we decided that (1) as much as all these people may love us, not one of them offered to pay us a salary to stay; and (2) it would be super tacky to NOT move after all of the going away festivities.  So off to London we went.

Probably the hardest goodbye of all was to Zoila, our incredible, loving, exceptional nanny.

Rocking the New Kicks + Balloons Zoila Bought Them on Their Last Day Together.

At the time I didn’t know how we were going to live without her, but now that we’ve been gone two weeks I have some idea.   It ain’t pretty.  The kids are losing weight, I’ve permanently lost my patience and the flat looks like shit.  Zoila, if you’re reading this, consider moving to London.  PLEASE.

The final goodbye was to our sweet little home, 1 MacDougal Alley.  A hell of a lot has happened in that little space: it was the first place with both our names on the mailbox, the threshold we crossed after getting married, the door we brought both of our babies home to, and the site of some lovely, lovely parties.  We may have overstayed our time there, but it will always be our first family home.  Let’s hope it goes to someone who will enjoy it as much as we did.

So, actually the final FINAL goodbye was to NYC.  It still feels like home but won’t, soon, I’m sure.  Which is its own mini little heartbreak.


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